Will Flossing Get Rid Of Dental Plaque?

Flossing will get rid of dental plaque. But you need to floss regularly to eliminate it. However, if the plaque becomes tartar, you need to undergo a professional dental cleaning to scrape the tartar. It’s not enough to brush your teeth. You also have to floss every day. It’s a vital part to take care […]

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Happy Valentines Day 2017!

Happy February everyone! We all know that February is known for Valentine’s day and with that holiday we associate love, sweets, and flowers. Did you know that February is also National Children’s Dental Health Month? This month we want to remind you of some easy ways to maintain great oral health for the little ones […]

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Now that the year is rapidly approaching, we encourage our patients to assess their dental needs especially those that have dental insurance benefits remaining. We know our patients have lives to lead, families to raise and employment to keep. But let me pose a few “points to ponder” in order to not only help you […]

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Women + Jaw Pain = Something More Serious

Are you a woman? Are you over the age of 40? If so, have you experienced any jaw pain? The answers to these questions are important for both your dental and overall health. Most women would agree that their bodies begin to go through some changes at or around the age of 40. Some of […]

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Sealants… What are they really worth?

Everybody knows that brushing and flossing is the best way to keep their teeth clean and cavity free, but how well are you cleaning those tiny pits and fissures that are on the chewing surfaces of our teeth? Often times food and cavity-causing bacteria get caught in these hard to clean surfaces that are difficult, […]

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