My Gums Bleed Every Morning

Gums that bleed every morning during your morning brush routine can be an indication that your toothbrush has to be replaced because it’s stiff and hard. You’re also following improper brushing technique. When brushing your teeth, never use the scrubbing motion as it can damage your gum tissue and tooth enamel. At AZ Cosmetic & […]

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Proper Care For Your Temporary Filling

A temporary dental filling may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Your dentist can determine whether or not you need it after undergoing a dental examination. This filling is usually necessary when you just had a root canal. A temporary filling is applied while you wait for the permanent filling or crown for the […]

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Back To School

Back To School It’s the beginning of the end for our hot Arizona summer which means kids have to step out of the pool and into the classroom. With school starting up its important to remember how important first impressions are in and out of the classroom. What better way to make a first impression […]

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Gum Disease Increases Cancer Risk in Older Women

A recent study posted in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention journal shows a correlation between gum disease and cancer. The study showed that postmenopausal women with a history of gum disease are at an increased overall risk of developing cancer as well as developing site-specific cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, […]

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Will Flossing Get Rid Of Dental Plaque?

Flossing will get rid of dental plaque. But you need to floss regularly to eliminate it. However, if the plaque becomes tartar, you need to undergo a professional dental cleaning to scrape the tartar. It’s not enough to brush your teeth. You also have to floss every day. It’s a vital part to take care […]

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