Proper Care For Your Temporary Filling

A temporary dental filling may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Your dentist can determine whether or not you need it after undergoing a dental examination.

This filling is usually necessary when you just had a root canal. A temporary filling is applied while you wait for the permanent filling or crown for the treated tooth.

Regardless of the reason, you must take care of it. There are things that you can and can’t do while you wait for the tooth to be fixed permanently.

Because it’s just a temporary filling, it can come out easily. Thus, make sure that it stays there until your next dental appointment.

Avoid chewing on that particular side of your mouth

You must watch what you eat and you must avoid chewing on the side where the temporary filling is found. This filling may last several weeks. It’s easy to forget that you have it so you may occasionally use it for chewing.

It’s not a problem. However, you must chew gently on that side. But avoid chewing crunchy and hard foods altogether. In this way, you can avoid using that side for eating these foods.

Be gentle when brushing

You may think that you need to stop brushing your teeth on that side because you’re afraid it’ll come off. But it’s necessary that you brush your filled tooth to prevent decay from developing. However, to be on the safe side, make sure to use a soft-bristled brush. And when you clean, make sure to brush gently.

Flossing is tricky on this part. Be extra careful when flossing on the newly filled tooth. Your dentist will teach you the proper way to floss your teeth to avoid pulling out the temporary filling.

How long can a temporary filling last?

A temporary dental filling is made to last for several weeks. It’s an immediate filling used for a variety of reasons. Because it doesn’t last long, it wears out easily.

That’s why you need to return to your dentist within the specified period. If you failed to do so, the filled tooth crack resulting in gum infection and decay. You’re also likely to lose your tooth.

The permanent filling can seal the tooth to prevent the bacteria from going inside and thrive. But the temporary filling can’t offer you the same protection as the permanent filling. Thus, it must be replaced to avoid losing your tooth.

Because of those risks, make sure that you visit your dentist as advised. But while waiting for that appointment, you must follow the proper procedures in taking care of temporary filling. Following these tips will prevent the filling from dislodging in any way.

It’s vital that you avoid chewing on that area. But make sure that you brush it gently. Don’t forget to floss.

Getting a filling isn’t fun. Whether it’s permanent or temporary filling, it’s not great having it. That’s why it’s vital that you take care of your natural teeth. Use fluoride toothpaste when brushing your teeth. Ensure that you floss after brushing. When you do brush, don’t forget to clean your tongue.

If you’re concerned about your temporary filling, call the AZ Cosmetic and Family office today.