1. I am of Filipino/Chinese ethnicity.

– Born in Manila, Philippines
– Came to America at age 3
– Naturalized at age 7

  1. I grew up in Chicago.
  2. –  Raised in the city (NOT a suburb)
    –  Am a Die-hard Cubs fan and so proud of my Cubbies
    – “Willis Tower” will always be the “Sears Tower” (to me)
  3. I am married with 2 teenaged children and 1 “fur” baby

– Married in Ko’Olina, Hawaii at sunrise

-Have a blended and blessed family
– Named my rescue dog, “Dinger” (I did tell you I was a
baseball fan).

  1. My favorite vacation spots: Seattle, Hawaii, and San Francisco

– Seattle – where my husband and I fell in love
– Hawaii – where we got married
– San Francisco – where we honeymooned and left our hearts
(If you understood that last reference, I applaud you!)

  1. My career in dentistry spans 2 decades.

– First dental position in Chicago,1994
– First dental position in Arizona, 2003
– The first day at AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Dec 15, 2014

It is my absolute pleasure to serve you, and I’ll see you on your next visit!