Our Dental Office Location

Location is one of the main things to consider when hunting for the perfect location of your dental office or any business. A good location is vital. It is as important as your services and marketing. The location you choose could determine whether or not your business will thrive. We chose our location in Glendale AZ because we knew the area will experience growth as more and more families move in. We did our homework when choosing our location. We want to share with you some of the factors that were considered when we chose Glendale for our dental practice.

Visible from Major Roads

We knew we will have patients who need emergency services. The location had to be visible from the major roads. We thought about finding a location near a restaurant or a popular landmark. In this way, we could enjoy the traffic coming from a restaurant, for example.

Know the Population Demographics

Everyone needs a dentist. However, we wanted to find a location where there is a history of an increased population. We feel that Glendale is a great community and we look forward to serving the families in the area.

Find Out About the Location’s Amenities

Accessibility is important.  We wanted to make sure they have easy access to parking spots.  We also have access to bus stops so our patients who take a bus can easily walk to get to our location.

Overhead Costs

If we can keep our cost down, we can forward the savings on to you. We chose our location because it is affordable. Everything we need to do business is available in our local community.