Will my root canal hurt?

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The root canal is one of the most notorious of all dental procedures – but it doesn’t actually deserve its bad reputation! Most patients who have actually had a root canal compare them to a routine filling, with little to no discomfort.

Dr. Narra is committed to your comfort and good health and is careful when performing root canals – and all other procedures – with a gentle and practiced hand. Anesthetic is used to make sure that the area is numb and that you don’t feel a thing.

So why does the root canal have such a bad reputation? It could be that in the past, techniques and technology did not allow dentists to perform this valuable procedure with the precision and efficiency that we can now. It’s also likely that because many people who need a root canal are already in pain and they associate the pain of their infection with the procedure itself.

You may feel some discomfort following your root canal, and some swelling is also likely. Once your body realizes that the infection has been destroyed, however, this swelling and discomfort will quickly diminish, and your tooth will be restored to full function.

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