What happens at my child’s first visit?

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At our Glendale family dental office, our primary goal for your child’s first visit is to successfully introduce them to our office and make sure they know that this is a comfortable, welcoming, inviting place filled with friendly people. We want to eliminate fear and anxiety and help your child see the dentist’s office as a place where he or she is safe.

What takes place during your child’s first visit will vary a bit depending on their age and unique needs. Some kids aren’t anxious at all and are curious with plenty of questions while others are nervous and need a bit more coaching and reassuring. We’ll meet your child where they are and help them feel comfortable and gain confidence.

For kids who are curious, we will take them on a quick tour of the office, give them a ride in the chair, and show them some of our instruments, explaining (in child-friendly language) what they are and what we do with them. If your child allows, we will perform a quick exam and cleaning. If your child is highly cooperative, we’ll take x-rays as well.

If your child needs some extra help feeling comfortable, we’ll take it slow and allow his or her cues to guide us. Some kids respond well to a ride in the dental chair and others need a couple of visits to feel relaxed enough. That’s okay, and we’re happy to take our time. In the meantime, we’ll discuss good dental care habits with you and give you advice geared toward helping “normalize” the dental office for your child.

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