Should I remove silver fillings?

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Dentists have been filling cavities using amalgam fillings for more than a hundred years. They are strong, durable, and easily molded to fit a hole in a tooth. Unfortunately, they are also dark in color and become even darker as they age. If you have a large amount of filling in a tooth, the entire tooth may become discolored and gray. Amalgam fillings (often referred to as silver fillings) are a combination of metals that includes mercury, which, despite no evidence of causing adverse effects, many patients would prefer to avoid.

The decision to remove silver fillings is a personal one and one that can only be made by you and Dr. Narra. In general, if your fillings are in good condition and are not easily visible, it’s probably better to leave them alone. If your fillings are unsightly, however, causing significant discoloration to your tooth or if they are damaged, loose, or leaking, replacing them with tooth-colored fillings is perfectly appropriate.

Schedule a consultation with Glendale dentist Dr. Narra and let her examine your fillings to see what kind of condition they are in. Then, both of you can discuss your concerns and her recommendations and reach a decision that is right for you.

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