My crown is old and broken. What should I do?

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Restorations, including crowns and bridges, are designed to stay in great shape for years to come. Unfortunately, wear and tear can eventually take a toll on them. When this happens, it may be time for a new restoration.

If your restoration breaks, call our office. In some situations, this could even be considered a dental emergency since a broken restoration may cause pain or expose a damaged tooth to further problems. Crowns are placed for a number of reasons and are often used to support a tooth that was damaged by trauma or decay or to protect a tooth weakened by root canal therapy. Left unprotected, your tooth could break, causing further issues and expense to treat.

In some cases, however, you may have a restoration that is simply old and was created using technology that is now outdated. Older crowns typically don’t blend well with your other teeth and may cause you some embarrassment. Dr. Narra is proud to offer aesthetic tooth-colored crowns that blend in beautifully with your existing dentistry while providing exceptional strength, durability, and support.

There’s no reason for outdated dentistry to mar your smile. Call to schedule your appointment so that Dr. Narra can examine your restorations and determine an appropriate solution.

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