Is laser dentistry safe?

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When we use lasers as part of your dental treatment plan, we take extra care to make sure that everything is perfectly safe for you. We use water to rinse your mouth and keep the area cool, and, if necessary, we'll give you sunglasses to prevent you from seeing the laser. Dental lasers are approved for use in a wide variety of scenarios, including use in children. 

Dental lasers can actually improve your safety during procedures in a few ways. For one, they allow us to treat with better precision than even the finest hand instruments, which means that we can reduce the amount of healthy tooth structure that needs to be removed. Preserving healthy tooth is always a good idea! 

Additionally, when we are using the soft tissue laser to treat periodontal disease or perform biopsies, the added level of precision reduces the amount of tissue we have to remove and lessens the chances of bleeding. This can also translate to a reduced risk of infection and other complications. Lasers are also often associated with shorter healing times, another feature that our patients love. 

We would not use a treatment unless we felt it was safe and effective. Your safety and comfort are valuable to us, and we take them very seriously.

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