I cracked my crown! What do I do?

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Crowns, regardless of the type of material they are made of, are designed to be durable. However, like your natural teeth, if put under too much pressure, crowns can crack and break. Sometimes this can happen because of a medical condition like clenching or grinding, sometimes it happens because the crown is old and is simply worn down from use, and sometimes it can happen suddenly from biting down on something hard, like an unexpected olive pit.

If your crown cracks or breaks, this is a dental emergency. Call our Glendale dental office immediately to be seen quickly. Broken restorations are not just painful; they can also allow bacteria to get underneath the crown and cause decay to develop. If the crown was placed following a root canal, your tooth beneath the crown is fragile and could also break, which may lead to the need for extraction.

Dr. Narra will examine the situation to determine whether the crown can be repaired or whether a new restoration is necessary. If so, she will remove the damaged crown and replace it with a temporary crown until your new permanent crown is ready to be placed.

Regular dental visits are a must because they allow Dr. Narra to examine your dental work and make sure that your restorations are in great shape so that you can avoid an emergency situation like this. Call today to schedule your check-up.

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