How much do implants cost?

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Every situation is different, so it’s difficult to predict the actual cost of dental implants without an examination and consultation.

When you call our Glendale dental office and request an implant consultation with Dr. Narra, she will examine the health of your periodontal tissue, particularly the bone quality and density, to make sure that it is healthy enough to support a dental implant. If it isn’t right now, don’t panic. Bone grafts are an option to build up the bone so that an implant will work for you in the future.

Sometimes, patients are turned off by the price of dental implants, but don’t let the higher cost fool you. Unlike with a bridge or dentures, dental implants include surgery and the restoration, and the biggest benefit of implants is that they work to stimulate maintenance of your periodontal bone – something that bridges and dentures can’t do. Without maintenance, the bone will continue to deteriorate, eventually causing the shape of your jaw to shift. This means that further down the road, you will need a new bridge or dentures to accommodate the changes in your jaw. Over time, dental implants can actually save you money – as well as considerable time and hassle.

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