Does your office see children?

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We are AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, and we see all members of your family, from the most senior to the littlest ones! We recommend that all kids visit the dentist by their first birthday, and we go out of our way to make sure that it's a pleasant, inviting, and (most of all) fun experience! 

Kids respond to new situations in different ways. Some feel anxious and worried while others are simply curious. We can accommodate your child either way. If your child is anxious, we'll take our time and help them feel comfortable. We will never push your child and will instead gently encourage to help him or her build confidence and trust. 

Curious children are also welcome in our office! We'll let your curious child go for a ride in the dentist chair, provide a tour of the office, and show him or her some of our tools and instruments and talk about what they are for. We love to answer questions about teeth and dental care, and we're careful to use child-friendly language and words and concepts that they'll understand. 

Early childhood dental visits set the stage for a lifetime of healthy dental habits. We're always excited to welcome new patients to our office, and we feel honored that you trust us with your child's health.

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