Does laser dentistry hurt?

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One of the reasons we like laser dentistry here at AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is because procedures done using laser dentistry are usually more comfortable than procedures performed using traditional tools. 

Why is this? 

Laser dentistry allows us to be more precise in our treatment, so that we can treat only the affected tissue and leave more healthy tissue. This means less inflammation later and also less bleeding. Healing times with laser dentistry also tend to be shorter. Laser dentistry reduces the chances of needing anesthetic or shots during your appointment, but if we anticipate that a procedure might be uncomfortable, we'll discuss your anesthetic options ahead of time and make sure that you are numb before your procedure. Your comfort is important to us, and we'll listen carefully to your needs. 

Another feature that we like about laser dentistry is that it's much quieter than regular dentistry. For many patients, the sounds of the drill and other tools are frightening and uncomfortable. Lasers are practically silent, which helps to reduce anxiety in patients. 

We want to make dental treatment as efficient and conservative as possible, and dental lasers are a resource that allows us to do just that, resulting in faster, more comfortable appointments for you!



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