Does it hurt to get veneers?

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At AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we want your dental care to be as comfortable as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you are getting a cleaning, a root canal, or porcelain veneers; Dr. Narra has a gentle touch and will make every effort to make sure that your procedure is easy and comfortable.

Porcelain veneers transform your teeth, but in order for them to fit correctly, a small amount of enamel has to be removed. Without doing this, the veneers won’t sit right on your teeth, leading to an unnatural look and an altered bite.

Before your teeth are prepped with veneers, you will be numbed so that you don’t feel a thing. After the enamel is removed, your teeth will be sensitive, so temporary veneers will be placed on your teeth until your permanent veneers come back from the lab.

There is a type of veneers that is so thin the veneers can be placed right over your existing enamel, and Dr. Narra is happy to discuss this option with you. You and Dr. Narra will work together, discussing your needs, your goals, and your budget to choose the type of veneers that is right for you.

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