Can I drive after having nitrous oxide?

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Unlike other forms of sedation dentistry, you are perfectly safe to drive after using nitrous oxide. 

One of the benefits of nitrous oxide is that we can carefully control the dose and the timing. The gas starts working quickly after you begin inhaling it, and it wears off again just as fast once the gas is removed. Usually just a few deep breaths are all it takes to clear your head! 

With nitrous oxide, you can drive yourself to your appointment, have a relaxing and comfortable experience, and then drive yourself home. There's no need to make extra arrangements or worry about inconveniencing a friend or a family member. 

Nitrous oxide is a safe gas that is administered via a mask placed over your nose. During your appointment, you will be relaxed but you'll also remain alert so that you can communicate with us. The dose can be adjusted quickly per demand, either up or down, so that your treatment is perfectly personalized for you. 

Very few people experience any type of side effect with nitrous oxide. Some people do occasionally have an upset stomach or a headache, but the uncomfortable feeling typically goes away as soon as the gas is removed and they start breathing regular air again. 


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