Do Dental Fillings Need to Be Replaced?

Dental fillings are durable but they do not last forever. Thus, they eventually need to be replaced. But when should you have your dental fillings replaced?

There are many situations in which dental fillings must be replaced. Though they are strong, dental fillings will still fail for several reasons. Most of them are preventable; others are not.

When you chew food, there are forces involved in the process. These forces could damage the fillings, causing them to deteriorate.

Not only does chewing put stress on your dental fillings, but so do grinding or clenching your teeth. Both of these practices cause damage.

Also, if you have recurrent decay, the tooth weakens, causing the filling to fail.

Some fillings wear out faster than others. For instance, silver fillings are stronger than tooth-colored fillings. For that reason, silver fillings are more ideal for teeth that experience a lot of bite force.

Tooth-colored or composite fillings can easily break under force. Thus, they require replacement earlier than do silver fillings.

A Dental Examination Is Vital

Existing fillings must be evaluated regularly to detect any early signs of cracks. That’s why it is vital to visit your dentist regularly so that he can tell whether or not your filling is impaired. During a regular checkup, your dentist can spot any weaknesses in the filling.

Furthermore, your dentist can determine whether the existing dental filling is intact or has cracks. He utilizes an instrument to detect any spots around the edge.

Your dentist may request dental x-rays to detect any decay under the dental fillings. Keep in mind that some problems with dental fillings are invisible to the naked eye.

If your dentist has found evidence that your fillings are failing or that you are experiencing decay, he will recommend dental filling replacement. However, decay must be treated before the filling can be replaced.

You must not wait until the tooth hurts or cracks before you visit your dentist. Early treatment is vital to avoid costly repairs in the future.

When you visit your dentist regularly, he can spot any signs of damage to your fillings and other parts of the tooth. When those signs are found, he can mitigate them immediately before they get worse.

Signs that Your Dental Fillings Are Failing

The signs are not noticeable when the filling is only just beginning to fail. However, your dentist knows what to look for to detect any issues.

He will use special tools and x-ray images to identify the problems. If he suggests having your fillings replaced, make sure you do so. If you wait too long to replace your fillings, it might be too late to salvage your teeth.

Because early detection is vital, you must see your dentist for regular checkups. He can evaluate your existing fillings to determine whether they are still in good condition.

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