Choosing a Mouthrinse That’s Right for You

There are dozens of mouthwash products available in your pharmacy. They all promise to freshen your breath while protecting your teeth and gums. But are the claims of these products true? How can you choose a mouth rinse that is ideal for you? Or do you need to use one?

You may also wonder whether or not mouthwashes are the same. The truth is that mouth rinse products are not the same. Finding the ideal one requires knowing why you need it in the first place.

Mouthwash has two categories. These are cosmetic and therapeutic.

Cosmetic Mouthrinse

It is a type of mouthwash that aims to freshen your breath. In other words, it makes your breath smell good but it does not provide long-term benefits to your oral health. Instead, it only reduces halitosis.

It may temporarily kill the bacteria but only for a short time. The reason for this is that the bacteria will just grow back.

Thus, cosmetic mouth rinse products do not improve your dental health. Rather, they are just designed to provide short-term oral health benefits.

Therapeutic Mouthwash

One way to prevent tooth decay is to use fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwash. A mouth rinse product with fluoride strengthens enamel. However, some patients may not need this type of mouthwash as they can get fluoride from their fluoridated toothpaste.

Then again, if you have xerostomia or dryness of the mouth, fluoridated mouthwash may be necessary. Severe xerostomia can cause changes in the bacterial balance of your mouth.

If there are too much bad bacteria in your mouth, it can lead to dental caries. The use of fluoridated mouth rinse can prevent it from happening.

Your dentist at AZ Cosmetic and Family Dentistry may recommend supplementing your dental health with a fluoride mouthwash.


The key to good oral health is to brush and floss daily. However, not all of us are doing a great job with these tasks. If it is your case, the use of anti-gingivitis mouth rinse can boost your oral care habits. This product can kill damaging bacteria.

You should also choose a mouth rinse that has the seal of approval from the American Dental Association (ADA). This kind of mouthwash can kill a broad spectrum of bacteria.

Some dental bacteria can result in gum disease. Thus, the use of this product can get rid of these harmful organisms while improving your overall dental health.

Stronger mouth rinse may be recommended for some severe dental health issues. After undergoing dental checkup with your dentist at AZ Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, you may be prescribed with an advanced mouth rinse that can fight plaque and gingivitis.

A mouth rinse can assist in fighting plaque and gum disease, while it helps in freshening your breath. However, it must not be used as a replacement for regular brushing and flossing.

You cannot achieve excellent oral health if you do not brush and use floss. The first step to having perfect dental health is to brush your teeth after every meal, followed by dental floss at least once a day.