Can Flossing Loosen a Filling?

Flossing can get rid of any food particles stuck between your teeth. When you floss, it does not cause your filling to loosen. However, if your dental filling falls out while flossing, you must not panic.

Instead, you should keep it and schedule an appointment with your dentist at AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry as soon as possible. Do not stop flossing. Continue flossing so that any food particles that might have stuck in the area would be removed.

After that, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash.

What If the Area Causes Pain?

In some cases, the situation can cause pain. If that happens, simply apply clove oil onto the area. Rub the oil in the area where the filling has been removed. It alleviates any pain and discomfort. You may also use an OTC medicine.

And make sure that you book an appointment with your dentist at AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. You should visit your dentist’s office ASAP. In this way, he can close the gap or fill the space and protect your tooth from further decay.

Prevent Dental Filling from Loosening

Dental fillings are made of dental materials that can restore the full functioning of your damaged teeth. They can last a long time, only if you take care of them properly.

If you practice excellent oral hygiene, you can prevent damaging your dental fillings. It also prevents tooth decay.

If the dental filling loosens, it is not a reason for you to stop flossing. Keep in mind that dental flossing must be part of your dental hygiene.

It can remove food debris that brushing alone cannot eliminate. If those food particles are properly eliminated, tooth decay can occur, which can loosen dental fillings.

Taking care of your dental filling requires brushing and flossing your teeth each day. Make sure to brush at least twice a day. Preferably, you must do it after every meal. It is especially true after eating high-carb food.

Flossing requires proper technique. The proper way to do it is to use 18 inches of dental floss. You must hold the floss tightly using your thumbs and fingers. Do not snap it into your gums as you guide it between your teeth. You must only use a gentle motion.

As the floss reaches the gum line, use C-shape when curving it against one tooth. Slide it gently in the space between the tooth and gum.

If you are still not sure on how to floss properly, make sure to ask your dentist at AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.

Control Sugar Intake

Sugary beverages and foods are some of the contributors to dental cavities. Keep in mind that if cavities arise in the affected area, the dental filling will become loose. As you control your intake of sugar and acidic food, the dental fillings can last longer.

Rinse your mouth with water after eating. That is if you cannot brush right away. Rinsing it will prevent hard foods or sticky particles from attaching to your teeth, making them difficult to remove through brushing and flossing.

And most of all, visit your dentist at AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry regularly. Your dentist can spot any issues that might lead to loosening of your dental filling.