Back To School

Back To School

It’s the beginning of the end for our hot Arizona summer which means kids have to step out of the pool and into the classroom. With school starting up its important to remember how important first impressions are in and out of the classroom. What better way to make a first impression than a bright white smile?

As school kicks into gear and stress levels build dental health might start to slip. Stress can play a large factor in affecting a child’s dental health. A sore jaw can be a sign of teeth grinding which usually occurs during sleep and can be worsened by stress. Stress can also lead to a higher risk of periodontal disease which requires a painful, costly, and time-consuming form of treatment.

Therefore it’s very important to keep a close watch on dental health throughout the school year. Brushing after every meal, or at the very least twice a day will help combat the effect of stress on the mouth and teeth of a student. Checkup exams with a dentist will also go a long way to keep dental health in good shape. Unfortunately, school timings make booking exams extremely difficult for many working parents however there is a solution.

AZ Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is open on Saturdays as well as most school holidays which makes it easier for students to come in for checkups, whitening, and whatever the child requires.

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